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img200Crisira the Cupcake Fairy says: post any question about baking on this blog and she will whisper the answers to Tessy! But we have to see if Tessy will reveal them! She doesn’t want to give out TOO many secrets!


Tessy’s Funny Face Cupcakes

Hello cupcake kids! Here’s another way to decorate cupcakes without too much help from your mom! Crisira the Cupcake Fairy says: once your mom has made the cupcakes and frosted them, you can get candies, M&Ms, small marshmellows, sprinkles and anything small and edible, and make funny faces on the cupcakes! Look at these that I  decorated all by myself! Image

Post by Tessy: recipe for fondant

Hello cupcake kids! Want to learn a magical way to have fun in the kitchen with Mommy? Tell your mom to get 2 and 3/4 cuImageps of powdered sugar (icing sugar), 1 egg white,and a teaspoon of liquid glucose for baking (the glucose has to be slightly heated). Tell your mom to mix it all together and work it like a pizza dough! It has to be compact so it doesn’t stick to your hands but not hard as a rock! Crisira the Cupcake Fairy told my mommy that it has to feel like soft playdough! Ok great, once this is done, you have fondant! you can color the fondant with food coloring. Then you kids do like me: work the fondant like you do playdough to make great decorations, sculptures and whatever you like! Take a look at these decorations I made! I’ll post them next! Sprinkles from Tessy