1. Tony and Cris’ s Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are very moist if you do not overbake them and the chocolate melts in your mouth when you bite into them if you use good quality chocolate.

Preheat your oven to 400 F degrees. Get your cookie sheets ready by buttering/greasing  the sheets.

Put 8 ounces of butter/margarine in your electric mixer bowl and beat until soft; then mix in 1/2 teaspoon of salt,    1/2 teaspoon of  vanilla extract, and 1 cup of brown sugar; then add 1 egg; slowly add 2 cups of flour. Once properly mixed, by hand add chocolate chips or  small chocolate pieces  (as much or as little as you like; standard measure about 8 ounces) to the batter and gently mix together. If you like you can add nuts  (chopped up in  pieces the size you prefer) such as walnuts, pecans, peanuts…

With a teaspoon place some batter in a small lump on the cookie sheet, each lump about 2 inches or so apart.

Bake the cookies only about 8 minutes, but the first time you try this recipe keep your eye on the cookies in the oven because you want them to be slightly undercooked in order to be soft and chocolatey ! You need to get to know your oven, 8 minutes in some ovens may be too few, in others too many! The cookies have to be slightly browned on the edges and still soft in the center.

This recipe is dedicated to my brother Tony who introduced it to me this New Year (2015) and we experimented with it in his new kitchen! Tony is the cookie master of the family!




This is Tessy’s favorite recipe for sugar cookies; it is easy and you can make the cookies any color, any shape, any size!

Preheat oven  375 degrees F.

Get baking sheets ready by buttering them.

With an electric mixer cream together 1 cup of butter/margarine and 1 cup of sugar; then add 1 egg and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.  In a separate bowl mix 3 cups of flour with 2 teaspoons of baking powder, and then add to the first mixture. At a certain point you will have to take the batter out of the electric mixer bowl and work with your hands.  When dough is hard enough that it stays together but soft enough to work, you can add some food coloring if you want colored cookies; then flatten out on a wooden board (or however a non stick flat surface).


Flatten out so that dough is not more than 1/2 inch thick. Use whatever cookie cutter you choose to cut out the forms; Tessy  here used a heart shaped cookie cutter.  Place on the cookie sheets and bake in the oven for about 8-10 minutes (always check on first batch so you can see  when they are ready, slightly golden on the edges and soft in the middle!)





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