beating egg whites


the first time I tried  beating egg whites into soft peaks or stiff peaks (depends on what the recipe calls for) I had trouble. I put the egg whites into the cake batter just as they came out – no peaks! the cake turned out heavy and dense…beating the egg whites in peaks and then putting them into a batter serves a purpose: making the batter light and airy. Crisira the cupcake fairy whispered to my daughter Tessy these secrets: always use an electric beater (by hand is torture!) and use the whisk attachment not the regular standard cake mix attachment; make sure the bowl is clean and dry because any water, even a drop, will not allow the egg whites to beat properly; when separating the egg whites from the yolks, make sure none of the yolks get into the bowl. Well, Tessy and I listened and followed carefully, and believe us: we got wonderful peaks out of the egg whites in no time at all – effortless!